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Welcome to the 2021 Run 2 Respond Relay!
Visit the foundation website at www.firefighterfive.com
106 stages filled
127 participants
$18,001 raised
join us on our relay from Maine to Maryland
August 7th through August 14th, 2021
join our journey sponsor us why take part?

Support our first responders...
...and help them support us

The Firefighter Five Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting the physical and mental well-being of America's first responders. Whether it is support for PTSD or cancer, the foundation supports each and every one of our first responders. For more information visit the website www.firefighterfive.com

join inabout Firefighter Five Join in our Jouney


Be an important part of an unbroken chain

The baton will be carried by hand non-stop from the friendly Great Cranberry Island in Maine to the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Maryland. Day and night, through sun and storms. An incredible journey for an incredible cause.

To join, you simply need to take a look at our route map and find a stage that suits you. Though each stage will have a leader, friends old and new are able to join the team and help carry the baton. You can join a stage in person or virtually. No matter where you are in the world, you can support the cause.

Together, lets help those that help us!

stage list Participant guide


Run2Respond thanks our amazing sponsors