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Welcome to the 2022 Run 2 Respond Relay!
Visit the foundation website at www.firefighterfive.com

Participants Guide

DATE: 6/4/2021

COVID-19 LIVE CHANGES: The 2021 relay has been modified to allow for COVID limitations for the health and well being of our participants. Each registered participant will receive their own baton to use during their segment. Each stage has been limited to 10 registrants to fall in line with the most current group size restrictions.

COVID-19 VIRTUAL CHANGES: The one consolidated 'Virtual Group' stage has been eliminated this year. It has been replaced with the ability to pick any stage, open or filled, and to complete it virtually. If you would like to complete a stage virtually, sign up like you would normally. During the sign up, you will be asked if you would like to participate Live or Virtually. Select Virtually. Keep in mind, if you want to complete a stage virtually, we ask that you commit to finishing the same distance and at the same time as the relay stage has listed!

STATE CAPTAINS: Each state will have a person or persons designated to coordinate the stages within their state as well as any group stage. All initial questions and concerns will be directed to and answered by the captain. If the runners has an immediate concern they may also inquire with the relay staff. If a state does not have a captain, refer any questions or concerns to the relay organizers.

STAGES: In 2021 we do not have designated group stages. All stages are considered group stages. The first person to sign up for the stage is considered the lead and is responsible for coordinating that stages details and other participants. 

RUN OR CYCLE: We allow for any stage to be cycled as well as run. The first person to register for that stage sets the type of event the stage will be designated at. Please be aware that if you join a stage to run that is designated as a cycling stage, the lead participant does not have to follow your pace.

LEAD PARTICIPANT: The first participant to register for each stage will be designated as lead runner for that stage. The lead runner picks the route for the stage, which can follow roads and/or trails. A pre-designated route has been created with Google Maps, and can be found in the stage section. The created route is a suggestion only. The lead runner may alter the course as they see fit as long as the baton finishes the stage at the designated time. It is the responsibility of the lead runner to communicate to their team any changes of the route before it begins.

PACE: Each stage has a posted start time, and the goal is to complete the stage by the time posted for the next stage. The end time is base on no less than a 14 minute pace. The planned stage times were set allowing a pace suitable for many participants, therefore many people will complete their stage ahead of schedule. The overall plan is to be on schedule for stage start times. Participants are encouraged to contact the two stages before and after their stages prior to their stage date and trade mobile numbers, allowing them to communicate and deviations in schedule or any other problems.

TRACKING PROGRESS: Once stages are completed, the stage will be noted as completed within the RUN section of the event web page. There will be a live baton tracking feature on the website before the relay begins. Runners will be able to monitor this area to see live details of the baton progress. This tracking is for entertainment only and is not to be relied on for actual location. The GPS tracking device must be carried by a participant in the stage. This is to allow the support personnel to locate a participant in case of getting off route.

SAFETY: Safety is extremely important for all runners. Runners may consider contacting local police for possible support in some specific locations or for late night stages in urban areas. If the runner does not feel safe it is recommended that they take any actions needed and contact the state captain or relay staff immediately. Event stages present a variety of factors for runners to consider:

      • Urban versus Suburban
      • Car Traffic
      • Weather variables (heat, rain, storms, lightning, tornado)
      • Nighttime running (lighting and reflectors required)

EMERGENCY CONTACT: Please be sure to have supplied an emergency contact during your registration. We hope that we never need to use this information and promise never to share any private information.

SUPPORT VEHICLE: This relay is considered self-supported. The runner is responsible for their own transportation, safety, clothing, hydration, etc. While there will be a relay support vehicle, it will not have a full time capacity to support the runners. It is recommended that runners notify family and friends of the route and times.

UNABLE TO ATTEND: In the event of an unforeseen event that interferes with your ability to complete a stage for which you are the lead runner, please contact the state captain or relay staff as soon as possible. You may also contact runners of stages before or after you who may want to cover the stage. There are no refunds of registration fees or donations. Although this relay is designed as a running and cycling relay, it is permissible to move the baton forward in any fashion that you are capable of such as an automobile if required, parades are encouraged!

DONATIONS: All entry fees and donations support the Firefighter Five Foundation. The foundation is an IRS 501(c)3, fully nonprofit, Delaware corporation. Your entrance fee and any donations made by the runner or sponsors are completely tax deductible. The foundations EIN is 46-2480743. Donations by check may be mailed to the foundation. In order to receive proper credit for the donation please include the runners’ stage number and name in the memo section on the check. Please use this address for mail in donations:

Firefighter Five Foundation

Run 2 Respond Donation

40 East Main Street – Suite 215

Newark, DE 19711

T-SHIRTS: In 2021, registered participants have the option to receive a random past years active wear Run 2 Respond t-shirt during registration. Shirts will be sent to the participants two weeks prior to the relay start date. We can not send a specific shirt at this time.

Run2Respond thanks our amazing sponsors