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Welcome to the 2022 Run 2 Respond Relay!
Visit the foundation website at www.firefighterfive.com

All about tickets...

Get your tickets!

This year we are allowing our participants to earn tickets, but what exactly is a ticket and how do I earn them?

First, tickets are earned in two ways. A ticket is earned for every $50 raised. Your $35 stage entrance is included in the total so you would need to have an additional $15 donated to your account to earn your first ticket. Every $50 after will earn you an additional ticket. For example, if you have $500 donated, you have 10 tickets.

Second way of earning a ticket is to refer a friend! During the signup process there is an option of selecting 'From a runner' as how you have heard of the relay. When the person signs up and selects this option they will be able to chose your name IF you are already registered. You must already be registered and they have to complete the signup process and pay for the entrance.

So now I have earned a bunch of tickets. Are they worth anything??

YES!! We are working out the details on the prizes so stay tuned.

Run2Respond thanks our amazing sponsors