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Welcome to the 2018 Run 2 Respond Relay!
The website will remain active through September. Donations are still being accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. What are and how are the stage entry fees used?

a. The stage entry fee is $35.00 USD.

b. Stages for the GCI 100 miler are $1.00 USD

c. The stage entry money is budgeted completely to cover the relay cost. These cost include website creation, secure hosting, bandwidth, advertising, promotion, shirts, tracking services, support and other related items. Remaining funds will be deposited into the foundations general fund for financing of potential future relays.


2. How are the funds from sponsors and personal fundraising pages used?

a. All donation and sponsor funds go into the foundations general funds to cover operating cost and initiatives.


3. How does the Firefighter Five Foundation actually work?

a. The foundation sponsors initiatives for all first responders to deal with mental health and well being.

b. Up to date details of current efforts can be found on the Facebook page, Firefighter Five Foundation or at www.firefighterfive.com


4. What percentage is used for the foundations initiatives?

a. 100% of funds are used to further the foundations mission.


5. How much salary is paid?

a. $0 in salary has been paid.


6. Can I review the foundations documents?

a. Form 990-N filings have been filed with the IRS for tax year 2014, 2015 and 2016. You may request in writing, as outlined by the IRS, for a copy of the foundation documents. You must submit your request in writing to the following address;

Firefighter Five Foundation
Document Request
40 East Main Street – Suite 215
Newark, DE 19711

7. Who benefits from the foundation?

a. The foundation supports all first responders, however request are prioritized in the following order;

i. Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical (Departments)

ii. Combination Paid/Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical (Departments)

iii. Paid Firefighter, Emergency Medical (Departments)

iv. Paid Emergency Medical, Paramedic

v. Law Enforcement

vi. Nursing, Health Care


8. What geographical areas are supported?

a. All 50 United States of America.

Run2Respond thanks our amazing sponsors